Recent Exhibitions


New England Biennial at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

…is up and running! The show is strong, meaningful and beautiful. Below you'll find some "Phone install pictures" of my work: "New American Farmers." This exhibition is up until September 15th. Special thanks to the hard working staff at the museum for putting this great show together!

View the full New American Farmers gallery here.


Aftermath at the Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire

Thank you Museum of Art - University of New Hampshire , UNH Department of Art and Art History , Julee Holcombe, Michael Cardinali, and all who attended my artist talk and student discussions at the gallery.

View the full Aftermath gallery here.


Home and Away at NHIA’s Sharon Arts Center

Where is home, and what defines “Home and Away?” Peterborough local Erin Sweeney and myself, both Professors of Art at NHIA, came together to explore the familiar and foreign, of belonging and separation, with prints, photographs, and installations. We created internal and external conversations discussing our relationship to the American environment, exploring how we cultivate a sense of belonging for ourselves and our community.

View the full Home and Away gallery here.


Serene Oasis at Gallery Kayafas

Gallery Kayafas presented my 4th solo exhibition at the gallery: "Serene Oasis." A percentage of all proceeds were be donated to The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, a non-profit organization to defend the rights of migrants and refugees in Israel.

View the full Serene Oasis gallery here.