Yoav Horesh's Aftermath is a selection of photographs made in suicide bombing sites in Israel after the places have been hastily repaired and the destruction has been erased not only from the landscape, but also from the collective memory. In an increasingly desensitized environment of war imagery, we are hardly ever challenged to think about the aftermath.

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Horesh gives subtle clues into a site’s past. Often ghostly remnants haunt his images. Just as important as Horesh’s visual clues, are his emotional clues. Each of his photographs has a past, a present and possible future. Horesh is able to walk upon troubled ground and discover a kind of re-newel. By presenting images in this dramatic and dualistic manner, Horesh shares with us, his remarkable ability to read and write, at the same time. We connect to the past, and glimpse the present with its possible future. As we dwell, in his photographs contemplating the passage of time, we are stuck by a sense of both longing and belonging.

-From Jeff Keough’s forward, A Restless Eye