Where We Stand

"Where we Stand" is a selection photographs created in the past years in Asia, Europe The United States and Australia. This boy of work is invested in the relationship between people, culture and the place as it is constructed into a photograph on a piece of film. These city and landscape photographs are of public spaces or architectural monuments designed to accommodate crowds for leisure, visitation or recreation. As a space changes when visitors enter or inhabit it, the place also changes its visitors’ behavior and their activities are dictated also by the site.

I take a step backwards and observe not only the space and its attributions, but also the people planted within. Tracing the way they place themselves in a public setting vis-à-vis their neighbors, with regard to the site, and relative to my point of view. Some of the interactions I seek to create in my photographs are not only physical, but rather cultural or conceptual. At times, people are found in a space where culturally it is foreign to them, and that gap or connection between the person and place is where I want my photographs to be.