Intransition is a series of photographs that concern time, change, growth and evolvement, and how these aspects are being experienced and expressed conceptually and photographically. As much as the work is derived from my own personal experiences, it serves as a visual diary and relates to the collective history and memory, it also speaks and challenges photography’s capabilities and failures. 

A school compound still carries its physical history from when it was used as a state prison and the ground where women prisoners barracks once stood in a concentration camp, revitalizes itself with red weeds. The entire duration of a family holiday dinner is being compressed into a single image and the physical way of the “Iron Curtain” in a Berlin Park still exists along the new path.  

Photography is not limited to be a record of the present but also is a fusion of the past and a possible future. The work has little formal unity and style. It is not presented as a traditional photographic series as far as size, content or even the choice of format, much like my work as an artist. The size of the prints range between 7”x50,” 16”x20,” 24”x30,” and 29x”36.”